Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, after much umming and ahhing we came to a decision and are now booked onto the ferry at Plymouth on the 28th August for the 22.30 to Roscoff. We’ve got a cabin so we can sleep overnight and be ready for a full days drive. The dogs (Florence the French Mastiff and Trevor the French Bulldog) will have kennels for the journey across the English Channel and we will make sure they are both as well sedated as I am (for anyone who’s interested Stugeron is fantastic for seasick people like me). We arrive at 7am and I hope to be across the  Spanish border sometime that evening? We think it’ll be easier for us all just to get down to Lubrin asap as finding dog friendly accommodation means some major detours.

At the time of writing I’m still not sure when exactly our belongings will actually arrive in Lubrin? An ex-student and good friend, has organised a great deal for us with a removals company but unfortunately they will not give us a date. Luckily, the previous owners of Lubrin are leaving quite a lot of stuff, including most of the furniture and utensils. So even though I’m a bit panicky when I’m told the removal company will give me a months free storage I’m sure everything will be fine?!

We fly out to Spain again on 25th July to sign the completion papers and are back again on the 27th July. After that its just a waiting game. We’ve got some touching up to do on the flat, mainly Florence slobber, but as we’ve not yet got someone to rent the place we don’t want to start packing everything down.

I’ve pretty much been working part-time for a couple of months so I’ve had plenty of time to get things organised. However, my patience levels, which have never been brilliant, are beginning to ebb. It’s very easy to become completely obsessed by the whole process but the distance, the differences in language and culture add another, often frustrating, dimension. Being a self confessed control freak this has made things rather tricky for me. This all seems to have been going on for ages although I know its only been about six months.

I’d go tomorrow if I could instead I’m waiting!



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