60 centimetres? Thats 2 foot!

“Hi there I wonder if you can help? My flight is boarding and the security bloke is taking at least ten minutes for each bag. Is he new to the job (or deliberately doing it or a bit “special”)? ” We had arrived late at Bristol Airport and unfortunately chose the wrong security queue. Even […]

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Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, after much umming and ahhing we came to a decision and are now booked onto the ferry at Plymouth on the 28th August for the 22.30 to Roscoff. We’ve got a cabin so we can sleep overnight and be ready for a full days drive. The dogs (Florence the French Mastiff and Trevor the […]

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Where are you going David?

There’s no single reason why we ended up in Lubrin but rather a lot of research, common sense and luck. Lubrin is in the province of Almeria in the region of Spain called Andalusia. To find it on a map either head south from Alicante or east from Malaga until you hit the city of […]

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Why are you going David?

Since returning from Africa (teabagsandtoiletrolls) things have felt different. I can’t really put my finger on anything in particular but for me it’s been an increasing sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction. Lots of things have contributed to these feelings but mainly it’s been my working environment and my age. Life at work has become unchallenging […]

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